Any Adam and Eve cash affiliates? How do you link to particular products of theirs?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by the5thace, Aug 21, 2012.

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    Jul 14, 2012
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    Apparently they have a section somewhere on the website titled "Custom Tracking Links" or something like that but I can't find it and their support seems to be ignoring me or else is too busy.
    I'm just trying to create links to particular products and I want to make sure that I get them right. Does slapping my reference number at the end of affiliate products count as an affiliate link?


    adameve .com/ adult-sex-toys /ben -wa-balls/ sp-je-joue-ami-kegel-balls-87805 .aspx / 52708.html

    The link works and my affiliate number is in the url but how can I find out if the sales will be counted towards my account?

    Anyone out there who knows?