Any 3rd party ways to get money out of my papyal account

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Missbusiness, Apr 5, 2011.

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    Are there any ways to get money out of my paypal account without sending a check or linking a bank account. I have tried sending money to myself on a freelance site but they always seem to go crazy and want an ssn or reverse the payment back to my paypal account. Of course there is Plimus but you have to wait over a month for the withdrawl since they only pay out on the 15th and thats for last months sales. Poker is illegal so there is no way i can fund a poker account and withdrawl it to my bank account. Any other ideas or 3rd party services? I had a bank account attached to paypal once and they loved pulling money out anytime I had a huge order come through and the customer wasn't even filing a dispute.
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    Get a bank account attached, and then get a debit card. You then simply go to a place that makes money orders, and you can get out $900 at a time, and the good thing is the limit on the card is $3000, so you can get up to $3000 quick and easy with no fees, just use a Money Order, you can also return the money order immediately for cash. Good luck :)