AntiSpam Dirty Trick


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Jun 18, 2009
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Alright here's a method for some beginners. This involves iframing an email submit.

First find an offer that's easy to crop, basically the input box and the submit button should be right by each other.

Now make your page look like some kind of email marketing firm's unsubscribe page. The idea of this page is that people will submit their emails thinking their unsubscribing from this marketing company's email list.

Your email template should be something like:
Dear Subscriber

In the following weeks we will be sending you allot of new offers and products.

If you would like to receive these emails, just ignore this message.
Otherwise you can unsubscribe from our marketing lists at the following page: {your iframed email submit}
Now here's the dirty part, you know on the CPA networks you get these suppression lists. These guys are actually highly targetted at our scheme because they are the kind of people who unsubscribe for CPA offers in the first place so they obviously dont like spam.

Note that if you do use one of these suppression lists, make sure you mix up the cpa networks. I think they may add some spam catcher addresses in these lists to stop things like this. So you dont wanna be getting your suppression list from the same network ur getting ur email submit.

Enjoy and remember not to get greedy. Spread this over a few different pages all using different email submit offers.
Good idea, I'm surprised it hasnt spawned a discussion about it.
Great way to get banned from network since none of these will ever convert for advertiser.
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