Anti-Theft Device For Bags? Or Tracking Device? *IDEAS NEEDED*

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by lewi, Sep 27, 2010.

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    My girlfriends bag crammed full of hair dressing equipment got stolen at her hair dressing 'school' today and literally the school does nothing about it except to make a police report to claim back the stuff on your insurance.

    Now ok thats a pain in the ass but this stuff shouldn't happen in the first place!

    Not to mention that the bag was locked in a locker with a lock provided by the school to use!

    So i have just spent the past hour searching google to try and find anti-theft devices or even better a way to find the ********ers who are stealing her stuff if they try it again.

    So far all i have been able to find is anti-theft bags but only normal bags and handbags which are not suitable to put hair dressing equipment inside which has to be all arranged nicely as it is taken to clients houses etc too.

    Now the other option i thought of was a GPS tracker... but unless im willing to shell out $250+ on the tracker which is still kinda bulky and relys on location data which if the bag is still inside the school and the contents just changed over into another bag will not work too well (not precise enough).

    The only good thing is you can get a sms alert whenever the bag moves and so could rush down to where you left it and catch the thief in the act!

    So any ideas people?