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Mar 15, 2008
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Answerbag is a service like Yahoo answers, and I have observed that the questions rank high in Google for the keywords contained in the question. It is little different from Yahoo answers in a way that the answer with top rating rises to the top.

So here is my idea. If we form a group where we rate each other's answers, so that our answers rise to the top. ANybody interested? I feel for avoiding any footprints, we should not post the questions/answers here.
I'm interested, anybody else? (Need 30 Characters)
I think thats a great idea. We started something similar here a few weeks ago with squid00 pages, and our lenses shot up the ratings, and that was after only 20 -30 peeps scoring each others pages. This was all based on honesty and worked well but there were a few a**h0les, who didnt bother, if there was some mechanism to monitor it without going down the complexity of stubmld upon, or if somebody could build similsr, but I doubt it.
isn't it easier to make double accounts? :)

Well probably not. Creating all the email address's and clearing cookies and all that crap can take a while with a lot of accounts..
I Will be in too :) will Some one Open a new Thread Where We can place a link to our questions ?
and people can come up az There is thread Going Dig me Dig u nice Job

Do Rate it
urrrrm answerbag will eventually see this....

but like whatever i dunno

should really be kept to only because of the sensitive info
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