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Answer this Seo Questions

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by marcuses, May 2, 2017.

  1. marcuses

    marcuses Regular Member

    Apr 13, 2016
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    Hello, I have a wp site, which is mainly focus on an adsense keyword, now this keyword is so easy that without building any link and doing the on page right you can get to page one in some weeks with handwritten articles on the blog, but I did a mistake by buying a backlink service here on BHW which turn out to let me lose my rankings so far till now that am stuck on page 3-5 for these keywords, so am sad now. Accepting my mistake I have bought another domain to start again with the same keyword, now I have a question about my host, am using a vps host which gives a dedicated ip, so am planning to use the same vps for the new domain too on the same ip address as the first domain, will google use my ip as part of my ranking factors? Do I need to get another host? Or additional ip address?
    Next Question is? I want to redirect the old blog to a new web 2.0, so I will like the web2.0 to my new domain or so some little link juice will go to it? Is it safe to do these? Yes or now

    Please advice,