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Is there anyway to change the way the email accounts are generated (name text file, etc)? i notice that it's is trying to create accounts using characters that are not allowed by yahoo.

Complete automation would be great. Like a wait and reply feature, that works flawlessly would be great, i hate having to baby sit automation software.
Plimus temporarily disabled PayPal support until Mid-Jan. So, if you are looking to make payment via PayPal, send me a PM and I'll shoot you the direct PP email.
Just bought it. Looks good except these public proxies are not working right? It just hangs with the little wait circle spinner for hours, don't know. got a couple level 2 accounts suspended right away. was fooling with the different proxies and probably logged in right away with a different ip or something?

I was trying to keep one proxy assigned to an account, but sometimes, especially trying some of these proxies, it would freeze up. So, I would have to close aa and open again. When I started up aa again, or any other time I did when I just shut down aa normally, my assigned proxies I had previously setup were not saved. Then I went and reassigned but obviously chose the wrongs ones because my accounts were suspended.

I'm new to a lot of this and appreciate your help guys.
try to behave as much as possible like a real person who is just answering/asking questions

if you follow that pattern of behavior you will not get banned and your links will be more effective i got 10 accounts ON HOLD for suspicious behavior...

I posted the same message (no spin no nothing) to 20 questions (200 exactly the same posts)...barely related to the questions...

Attention to Newbies: Do Not SPAM YA...they know...they ban you!!!

I did it to test out the "awareness"...advanced YA marketers know what i'm talking about! :)

Rick..i dont know if my internet speed is better or you did smthing to AA...but now it shoots out answers way faster than before...when i just bought AA..In the beggining i thought it wasn't even posting anything...but it did! Kudoz...

Cant wait to see what V2 brings us!!!
Not sure what your plans are for the coming update. But below are some suggestions that i think wouldbe useful if implemented in the software based on my usage experience.

1. the ability to upload or modify the user name styles used when creating accounts. example would be the user being able to upload a list of first and last names, and giving the user the ability to add any amount of random numbers or letters to the begging end or middle of the yahoo user name (eg: [email protected], [email protected], or [email protected]. This would help the program not get any errors when creating accounts and speed things up.

2. project based operations. save settings as campaigns, for marketing several sites. like if you save campagin1 for site1 and it saves all settings such as keywords, your questions, your answers, your posting schedule (see suggestion 3) to a single file so you can easily load it and get it going with one click.

3. scheduled postings: the ability to load your campaign (see suggestion2) and have it search maybe 2 or 3 times daily according to the settings that would be defined by the user. Then when it finds relevant results its answers those questions with your answers, also have it schedule the posting of your questions, and have it answer your questions with your answers of course on a user definable time delay.

4. more stability, i find that when i use it now i have to babysit it. when asking a question i often have to hit the ask button in the debug window or it will never proceed. maybe there should be some sort of timeout and retry.

Other than the stability issues, it works pretty good. To those that are having issues with accounts being banned. I think it is because you migh tbe posting too many answers to fast or too many questions too fast. I think yahoo bans accounts if they see the same link/source too often in a short amount of time. This is why a scheduler would come in handy i think.
I've been trying to use the software for a couple of weeks now. I've got 10 semi private proxies and 12 level 2 accounts. Problems:

1. Can't connect through proxies even though verified
2. Can't setup automatic accounts
3. I've posted one or two answers before, but sometimes it will not even post one.

The entire process is very stop start. I've even tried HMA pro with little success.

Very confused and considering a refund.
Re update, it would be useful if it could search for open questions by date -all too often I go to post and see that I have already posted an answer - if there was a date filter I would be able to post by question date and get rid of this problem. Even if it pulled back the question date & I could sort by this it would be an improvement.

Other than that loving it and banking $$$
anyone can recommend this tool? does it work good? u see results?
from the video, it looks to me, that it has too many manual actions, and less automated...

can i do macro with it? record actions?
Hey any idea when the new version is dropping also are you guys gonna integrate Captcha Sniper

Take a look at some of the generic answers included in the Answer Secrets reports.
grrr.. i paid and everything went through but your damn download link from plimus doesn't work.. sent you a pm with transaction details need asap.

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