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    Find as many banner exchange sites as you can and join them. Set up a page somewhere on your site and put all of the banners on them from the banner exchanges.

    Find a program that scrapes proxies. Find a program that will use a list of proxies and visit webpages. Load a few instances of the program on your machine and let it roll.

    Make sure to set up your own banner in the exchange programs and point to your money site.

    May be a quick ban from the banner exchange programs, but maybe not if you have a big enough list of proxies. I am using a txt of about 40K verified proxies.

    Might be a better idea to just put the banners at the bottom of your main site incase the admins to random quality checks of their banners.

    With this method.... You get a credit of views for your banners in exchange for views on your site.

    Can i post a link here to the program i found that does page views?
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    Please update this thread.