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Sep 29, 2009
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Here is another way to autoblog on blogger instead of using the other scripts that fetch rss feeds and email them to blogger. The only thing you need is webhosting (unlimited) or a private server and a gmail account for every 5 or 6 blogs you create...please don't put them all on one gmail. Everything else you can buy, or find here for free in the downloads section.

I used wprobot and dj-email publish (don't follow me lunatic because I payed for your script), but you can use any autoblog script you want. I got the idea to use dj-email publish from this thread.


What made me try this and give up on the RSS programs that post to blogspot is they were all stripping my affiliate links and wouldn't post youtube videos. When I tried to use the other programs that automatically email my posts to blogspot it would have unsubscribe links, then when I tried to edit the code the plugin wouldn't work anymore. Finally I tried dj-email publish and removed this area of the php code in 2 areas (you want to edit it after you have uploaded the plugin to wordpress not before)

<br /><hr /> Orignal From: <a href=\"". get_permalink($post_ID) . "\" target=_blank>". $mytitle . "</a><br />\n

You need private server space or unlimited hosting because you have to install 1 wordpress with your autoblog plugin and dj-email publish plugin for each blogspot blog. Be sure to use a robots.txt blocking everyone and keep the blogs marked private in your wordpress settings. DON'T FORGET to edit dj-email publish code so it wont link back to all of your subdomains because they should be kept private.

In dj-email publish plugin select full post and match the email to your blogspot publishing email. Next set up your autoblogging program of choice. It should work now, and only post 2 or 3 times a day or you could be deindexed if google decides. Now if google deindexes you, your payed webhosting won't be useless, you will just make another blogspot blog.

I made this test blog yesterday using this method

Hopefully this solves the problem for some of you who are worried about too many subdomains
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yeah but you your blog looks like a spammed one. I hope some layout modifications can help.
Yes probably a different layout, but this was just a test blog to see if the youtube videos post and to make sure the affiliate links don't get deleted. It took me 30 minutes to make that blog. Don't have to flame :D, I could have been easily doing something else but I posted this for anyone else that was having the same problem with the affiliate links not posting, youtube videos not posting, and short rss feeds on the blogger autoblog. In the end I guess it is up to the person making the autoblog to choose the programs they prefer and a quality layout, nothing will make it look professional and do it all for you right away.
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