Another way to acquire sites for your PBN :)

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    Hello guys,

    this is pretty much simple method for finding related PBN sites and acquiring them. It does involve a bit of manual work and even funds (if buying), sometimes it comes pretty hefty and cheap and sometimes it might be costly but worth it.

    I am assuming you already have money site and you need to rank it. This also assumes that you do have skills for assessing websites, values, domains, content, age etc. If you don't BHW is a wonderful place where from you can learn all of that. So this is not about how to do that stuff. This assumes that you have some skills already.

    Ok so if your keyword is "my funky keyword" and you are targeting it. You do know it pays off. You have competitors out there, on 2nd page, on 3rd page X page etc... So, just go and type in "my funky keyword" in google and check out competitor sites. You might notice some of them are down, some of them are new, some of them are good some of them are bad some of them barely load... BUT all those guys work for money and made their sites so that they can make some money. Keep this in mind.

    So, if you let's say find a site competitorsite1, ranking on page 3 for example for "my funky keyword" and it's done pretty well and you say "Hey, this site (competitorsite1) is awesome, this guy almost knows what he is doing, if he just had a push from my PBN (considering you have some already, or if not same thing, you'll make it) he would move to page 2 for sure!". What you need to do? It's simple contact him and ask him to sell his site to you. Yup. It sounds insane but just do it. Learn about some negotiating skills, tell him that you are just staring out or whatever and just contact owner and offer to buy a website. This works and works well. You will get site that is niche related, already optimized, but stuck on certain position and YOU DO KNOW how to asses all of that and just push it a bit further and make money out of it. No complicated link building, no time waste no nothing. This has numerous advantages.

    Why would anyone sell? All those webmasters want to make money. Imagine this, guys have created content, wasted time, have no will, still stuck on page 3. He wants at least some return. There are even some pretty awesome sites out there but people have no skills to push their rankings further. And you do know how to push those sites forward or add them like an asset to your money site. Offer them something fair, don't offer $10 for site that you know it's worth $500, just make a first contact, figure out who are you dealing with and make a ballpark offer that you are ready to pay for that site. I will not discuss of how to buy/sell sites in details of course I assume you will find your way to do this.

    Remember, that site is already steady. Already has 2-3-4-x years, already has links, you will have nothing to do but push it further to the 1st page.

    This is point of view for developing entire business model, just wanted to share something with you guys. This is not much a newbie friendly method but I do hope that at least some of you will find it useful. :)

    P.S.: Other short method, Google "my funky keyword" and find youtube videos for it. If they are real and people are still watching them, go and find domain names in description, it might happen that domains are available. Buy domain (free traffic will already roll in), check, more content there. Check link profile of domain, good, right? :) Ta-da one more PBN domain for you. :)
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