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Another Skepparoni Goes Down, Ain't I A Wizard Bruh?

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by pewep, Mar 4, 2017.

  1. pewep

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    Nov 3, 2008
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    So my younger cousin is visiting us for an extended period of time and she's 8 months pregnant + a single mom that is still in college. Now, this put all of us in her family in a bit of a concerned spot, especially for the coming child - but I think it's gonna be okay.

    I was out of my body and was interacting with her non-lucid dream self and I told her I'm gonna try to see what's in store for her in the future. We were playing with a dream tarot deck. She was kind of talkative so I told her to settle down because I needed to concentrate. I closed my eyes and saw a huge orb (I think it was whiteish/blueish) above me kind of like communicating with me in some way. Then I started pulling out the tarot cards and flipping them over.

    I was pretty happy to see that she had fairly good luck coming to her :)....the only concern I saw is that in the semi-distant future she'll develop a bad habit that might consume her, this is a challenge she'll have to face that's part of her life plan. But overall I was pretty happy. Her dream self seemed to be more concerned about the ex-boyfriend/father but I didn't really care so I ended the reading and teleported away from her and lost lucidity.


    And then today I was talking to her and for some reason she kept mentioning spirits and leading our conversation back there. I declined to say much for the most part but she was pressuring me a lot after I mentioned that yeah I've seen plenty of "ghosts" lol.

    She said she didn't believe in ghosts at all. I told her that's bullshit lol. Everyone believes in ghosts, even the strongest atheists - because awareness of the spirit world is hard wired into our dna. I told her if she really doesn't believe in anything at all - to stay up until 2-3am, close all the lights, get a candle and light it. Stare at it until you start to feel "the shift" - a change in the atmosphere like the veil is thinning. This will feel sometimes eerie - then call on a spirit, demon (lmao call Lucifer for kicks), angel, or simply concentrate intensely on someone and what you want them to do. Do it for a few hrs per day for a week and report on the results.

    Of course 99.9% of people - especially ardent skeppies won't be caught dead doing that due to the fear they feel. She got a bit scared lol and asked me what I had seen. So I told her my ghost story, and she really was stunned. Then I showed her a bit of telekinesis and at that point I don't think she knew what to say. I warned her to keep her mouth shut about me lol - made her swear - because if the normies come looking for me I'll say she's the culprit haha. They won't believe a man can be a witch.

    But, we got ourselves another True Belieber. To be honest I always get scared when converting people IRL, I don't know how they'll react and if they can keep their mouths shut or not. But I figured that since she's my cousin and is more or less a heathen, she's alright in my book.