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Another New Member

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by cavking, Mar 5, 2015.

  1. cavking

    cavking Newbie

    Mar 4, 2015
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    Hi All,

    New sign-up, but long time lurker.

    I'm the one you'll notice lurking in the background writing notes and testing new ideas to see what happens.

    It's rare that you will see me in the spotlight, but I figured I should start being more vocal with what I have learned over the past ten years and become more focussed.

    More about me
    I have been building websites for around 14 years now, mainly for clients as a hobby.

    I have realised that exchanging time for money wasn't serving me well and wanted to focus on creating assets and residual income rather than having to take direct orders from employers.

    I have only made this shift in the last two years and things are slowly piecing together.

    The timeline is not to dissimilar to the following.
    1. Learned how to build html/css websites
    2. Spent 5 years learning php/mysql whilst working full time.
    3. Spent 2 years staring blankly at javascript (and still don't know what I am looking at).
    4. Learned about affiliate marketing and failed miserably to stick to one project - therefore not really making too much money.
    5. Found out about longtail keywords and how to direct traffic organically.
    6. Realised that building digital products once and selling 1000+ times over was better than exchanging time for money.
    7. Found out about PLR content and digital products.
    8. Found out how cheap it was to hire writers after staring at a blank microsoft word document for days on end and after realising PLR was not of high enough quality.
    9. Realised how important SCALE was.

    I am now picking snippets of information from Flippa sales comments on how these sites earn money and generate traffic, as well as picking through BHW for other snippets and testing these methods on my own projects.

    My Failed Business Ideas
    Remember I mentioned that I struggle to stick with one project? I suffer badly from shiny object syndrome and chase trinkets instead of nurturing and developing a proven system.

    Some examples of my failed business ventures are as follows.

    1. MMS (multimedia message) business for estate agents (before the internet was available on mobile devices).
    2. Part time web design company - got fed up with chasing money from clients (but still have a few clients on the books).
    3. Online penny auction website - I had no idea how to drive traffic to the site.
    4. Local service directory (I still have this great looking website but no traffic - kind of like having a ferrari in the Sahara desert).
    5. Urban exploration forum - circa 900 members within 1 year and #2 forum at its peak.
    6. Youtube blog for fishing (which still exists and drives a small amount of traffic to my fishing blog).

    Don't get me wrong though, I was happy to failed as most of these as each of them taught me something that made the next project better.

    My Current Projects
    I have turned my attention to building blogs and earning via multiple revenue streams per website such as affiliate products, downloadable digital products, ad revenue etc.

    1. Local service directory / membership site - as mentioned above.
    2. Job interview website - Q&A based website.
    3. Carp fishing blog (with FB page circa 2200 members).
    4. Sport technology and exercise blog.
    5. Construction engineering blog.
    6. Kindle publishing blog.
    7. Membership site - Fishing diary software for anglers.

    My main focus is building content and organic search results for each of the above.

    I would also like to develop a kindle portfolio to learn more about self-publishing.

    My Goals
    I am very successful at my (self employed) full time job, but my full time job involves exchanging money for time (in an industry I don't really have any interest in anymore) which I would like to start moving away from.

    I am moderately well paid for my full time job and I am now starting to invest my cash into my online ventures to see if I can finally earn enough residual income to cover my bills and become financially free with what I have learned.

    In Summary
    I will be developing my current assets and look to generate monthly revenue from each.

    I will create a "journey" and would appreciate the input from this forum, whilst hoping others learn from my journals to save them valuable time with their projects.

    If you have read this far, then I salute you! I could talk for hours on this.

    If you have any questions, please ask away.

    Warmest Regards,
  2. keywordspot

    keywordspot Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Dec 17, 2013
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    BHW Hill Station
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    Glad to see you on here.
    Hello & Welcome to Black Hat World Community aboard.
    Enjoy your stay on here. :)