Another Method: Play Google Like A Fiddle -> Top Rankings In HOURS

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    People liked the other method I posted so I thought I'd share another so hopefully some of my BHW brothers can benefit and start cashing in.

    Another Method:

    This Method is about how to drive tons of targeted traffic using Google News!

    Google news is the search engine for all news published within Google. It's pretty hard to get listed on Google news but if you know how got listed for the popular keyword, results of the traffic are amazing! Google news shows the first paragraph of the article and links to the rest content. It's almost impossible to get your whole website listed in Google news, so we are going to use some handy 3rd party syndication websites!

    Obviously we need to get our page indexed in Google news for our promotional needs. I think that it's easier than you thought. Submitting press releases to the appropriate web sources is our solution. We need to find a good site to submit our press release. This press release website will be listed in Google news.

    First of all go here: (I can't post links yet so just the Google News site) and type in the main niche keyword. For example "cure acne" and have a look what results you will get. Now you need click these news links and find a web site with press release submission service. One good press release submission web site is pr log org is the domain (I can't post URL's yet) worked really well for me, got listed fast.

    Here are some good alternatives:
    (You'll have to PM me for them since I can't post links yet) Now register an account with any one of them, it'll take you less than 5 minutes. Write press release (it is pretty much just an article) related to your niche/product and use a promotional link in the end of it. Try to raise some curiosity from the reader to make him click this link. Link should lead to your website you are selling/affiliating the final product. Try to keep 2-4% keyword density throughout your press release. Submit your press release and go for the next keyword. Write a new targeted article to for the new keyword and submit another press release. I really suggest you to create a small keyword list for your product. It should contain about 7-20 keywords and preferably all of your supplementary keywords should contain your main keyword. For example if your main keyword is how to get rid of acne your keyword list will look like this:
    1) how to get rid of acne
    2) how to get rid of acne marks
    3) how to get rid of acne spots
    4) how to get rid of acne naturally
    5) how to get rid of acne overnight
    6) how to get rid of acne fast
    7) how to get rid of acne tips
    8) how to get rid of acne medication
    9) how to get rid of acne treatment
    10) how to get rid of acne in 3 days

    You can go on and add more keywords but 5-7 keywords is just fine for the start. Implement all these techniques for all of your keywords from the keyword list of your website. This method is great for generating targeted traffic as well as creating a good search engine visibility for your website.

    If you just do this over and over again you can have a Google News spot at the top of Google for your keyword without doing SEO and that "news" page can feed to your real site!

    Hope this helps some of my BHW friends :)
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    Take a guess
    Here's the PM the OP sent me:

    And thank you for your contribution!
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    Good strategy.

    Fucking A+ for you sir.
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    I will definately be giving this a go, thanks!
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    Pretty standard stuff - but most importantly it works!

    I'd suggest everyone give this a go at least once as it'll work better for some niches than others