Another Dating Web Site Hacked: 1 Million People Exposed

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    first it was ashley madison, now it's beautiful people. anyone offering internet security services should make a bundle these days. :D


    'Beautiful People' Dating Site That Rejects Unattractive Profiles, Leaks Details of 1.1m Users
    25 April 2016, an elite dating website for the exclusively good looking, has reportedly had the private data of more than 1 million users leaked.

    The breach leaked information such as addresses, sexual preferences and incomes, as well as millions of private messages, sold online by the hackers. claims to exclude unattractive people by having existing members rate those trying to sign up. Prospective members must pass a certain ratings threshold to be allowed on the website: millions have been denied access, the company says, while thousands of members have been removed for gaining weight after joining.

    The site claims to be "the largest dating community of attractive people in the world" and to have spawned 700 marriages.

    --- Leaks Very Private Data of 1.1 Million 'Elite' Daters -- And It's All For Sale

    Sexual preference. Relationship status. Income. Address. These are just some details applicants for the controversial dating site are asked to supply before their physical appeal is judged by the existing user base, who vote on who is allowed in to the ?elite? club based on looks alone.

    All of this, of course, is supposed to remain confidential. But much of that supposedly-private information is now public, thanks to the leak of a database containing sensitive data of 1.1 million users.

    The leak, according to one researcher, also included 15 million private messages between users. Another said the data is now being sold by traders lurking in the murky corners of the web.

    News of the breach was passed to FORBES initially in December 2015 by researcher Chris Vickery.

    At the time, said the compromised data came from a test server, which was quickly locked up. It did not appear to be a serious incident.

    But the information ? which now appears to be real user data despite being hosted on a non-production server - was taken by one or more less-than-scrupulous individuals before the lock-down, making it out into the dirty world of data trading this year.

    That's according to Troy Hunt, an Australian security expert who runs the website, where people can check if their own information has been leaked in some of the biggest breaches in recent memory, from Adobe to Ashley Madison.

    The data has been traded online, Hunt said, though he doesn't know where or for how much (such troves can fetch tens of thousands of dollars, though can cost as little as $300, as seen in a recent sale of 4 million Naughty America accounts).

    The contact who handed Hunt the data operated in "data trading circles", he said. They declined to be interviewed for this article.
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    Hm I run some similar kind of website.. and is getting quite big but not quite to this level. People are upset we are capitalizing on peoples looks and things like this? It matters this much to them?

    They should worry about their own things and leave our business alone IMO