Another crap MC019 from eBay

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by RMX, Aug 1, 2011.

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    So today I got my listing removed for the 2nd time within 2 days, as apparently, I can't even compare any product to the darn Apple Gayphone. The reason why they removed it (I've got a reply from one of their people) was that "I am not allowed to use words like Apple, iPhone", etc in the listing. The only time I used that was to say "This is better than iPhone". I know many of us are getting their items removed because of the stupid VERO thing, and I just can't express my anger enough towards the whole thing.

    This was my reply I sent to them:

    Hello. I'm sorry, but are you insane?
    I have especially marked this in the listing, that it was an unwanted gift to me, and I want to get rid of it. Does anyone at the BSA know how to read? How stupid this can be to go around and remove listings? What you're doing here is adding to eBays' already bad reputation, as MANY people are pissed off at the VERO program.

    How can somebody tell what's real and what's fake, when they don't have any reasonable means to check that? This is complete and absolute rubbish!

    I have wrote to the BSA days ago and never got any reply from them, so if there's anything you can do to help me to get rid of this unwanted piece of sh.., sorry, cell phone, please do. I will NOT ever again buy any software products from morons, who have their "rights" represented by BSA or any other similar body.

    This has to stop once and for all. Now, I know, this won't make any difference, and you will continue to take down legit listings, but at least look into the matter, not follow somebody's, like BSAs', blind requests without actually knowing what's right and what's not.

    Thank you very much,
    was nice NOT doing business with you.