Another Black Hat SEO Revenge Thread!

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by LovervsFighter, Feb 23, 2012.

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    I had no idea why so many threads popped up on BHW talking about 'revenge' and damaging another person's site. I thought to do so in order to advance your own site in the SERPS was just wrong.

    Then I read closer and saw a few threads were about BHW members who had been treated really, really poorly and unfairly. Stepped on and degraded, they wanted to use their new BH knowledge to hit these modern day bullies in a non-violent way where it still hurt -- the rankings!

    I've only been in IM for 6 months and I already know how these guys feel. I'm running a Fiverr gig that is about blog comments. I hand place them and they're handy - and really fairly priced - for people, like me, who are just starting. I completed a job for a guy recently who runs a 'Rehab clinic' site and it turns out he wasn't pleased with the quality of the links (despite only paying $5 for what he got!) I was appologetic and refunded his money instantly, but this didn't stop the verbal barrage of insults, threats and slander.

    I sit here now, feeling like I've been verbally assulted and understand how many people in the real world feel when they're bullied, stood over and stamped on. I haven't previously understood these 'revenge' threads but when I get my BHW skills polished even more, I can't image I'll forget the scathing and personal things that this person said to me with minimal, if any provocation.

    Thanks for listening guys, I've just come to feel at home on these boards and figured it was the only place I could air this where anyone might understand.

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