[Announcement] Introducing: The New BHW

why isn't the reaction score displayed in the profile box when viewing posts? I don't like that you now have to hover over username to view it
This has my vote - I want to see the reaction score in the new pill box with the users profile pic (without hovering over the username / profile pic).
request: return the link to the profile to be visible in posts when posting on the forum. Motivation...

Damn.Yes. Mods Need this back. This was the only way for me to get clicks to my website. :')
I dont know how many you will agree but I dont think anybody would buy membership now because everyone look exactly the same nothing special in this theme at all and notbody will feel anything premium at all with this theme
I like the new black & gold colors, I'm definitely never using that light theme though. LOL! It makes the site look old and cheap. I'll keep dark theme on forever.
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Who else thinks the new version of blackhatworld would look great with gold color?
The different placing of UI components is better, there are more space for actual pots content, but colors seem to be worse to read. I think I'm going to switch to light theme
It's also not that good on light theme, contrast seem to be worse, it's harder to read text
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