Animate character from audio with Adobe Express

Any way to automate the process I've been trying to find one but it's seems impossible
This isn't bad, but it's not good enough. I expected a video with many characters and some body movement. I mean something better than InVideo.
I'm doing well with the advanced version of this, Charachter animator, that allows you to create your own character, and backgrounds and aniamte their body from over 300 movements, and use mouth and head sync. Just got a short last night go from 150 views to 2.5k lol I thought it was dead, as its a couple of weeks old, lol I bought myself a drawing screen tablet, and have been having great fun with it. Bit of a steep learning curve software, as you have to be fundamentally be good at organizing layers on either photoshop or illustrator, to create your character.

However once you get the hang of it, you can have chars jumping, talking dancing, and moving in minutes each time.
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