Angela's links worthless?


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Jan 14, 2010

Since I become a member of this website, I have seen a lot of threads about Angela's and Paul's link packages and how to find them using footprints and all. I'm just wondering,

I'm not much of a blackhater but their methods seem to be interesting where you make profiles and add a link to your website, but my question is if google have not even ranked the profile page, is it even worth getting a backlink there? I know that they are big websites with high PR, but the PR is for one page and not for the whole website, so all this fuzzle for a PR0 backlink? Is it worth it? Have you tried it and did it imporve your website's pr and serp?

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There are so many people oh BHW saying that yes they work and no they don't work that the only real answer is to try it yourself. You never know how someone else used the product before deciding if it worked or not. The effectiveness of profile backlinks is going to vary according to the niche, keywords and competitors. I see some of my profile backlinks showing up, but maybe it is because I ping my profile page after it is built. Remeber, Google and Yahoo will never show every backlink they know about. Watch your SERP position for a sense of whether or not it is working. And give it a few weeks or a month to work, you never know how long it takes to get a backlink counted.
Why is the OP asking the same old question? Why dont you do a search. Surely, this has been answered before? Make your own conclusion.
Yes movieman, I think that I'm going to give it a try so I can determine myself:) Are the link package delivered at a specific time or do I get them right away?:)

From my personal experience of using the backlinks on my niche sites yes they do work. My advice would be not to add your link straight away when you join each site but to wait about a week before adding your backlinks.
@OP: The backlinks still work, but it's tougher than in the past. Her packs are getting passed around like crazy. You definitely have to know what you are doing to make them work for you.
thanks guys, jus your opinions I was waiting for:)

5 dollar a month is not much so I will give it a try and see if they help me or not.
These PR0 links are supposed to be the foundation of your links
then add PR3-4 Links and then PR6-8 Links are added last.
So yes your PR0 links will work.
angela style links work for me but i would stay away from following everyone building links every month using her packets because your profile wont last long. better to find your own profile links.
It's nothing wrong with the packets. The problem is getting the links indexed because of the lack of content in profiles. That's all these packets contain are powerful websites that have high page ranking that allow you sign-up for a membership and put your do follow link in the profile area.
IMO Angelas links have lost a lot of their effectiveness in the last 3 months. 6 months ago you could get an almost instant boost in the serps, but nowadays I think they don't seem to have the same effect.
It depends on the niche, your choice of keywords and the level of competition.

Example 1: You have a website - knittingsocksforoaps * com and want to rank no.1 for it - Angela and Pauls links will probably work quite well as it is a small niche and probably not a lot of competition.

Example 2: You have a website - x box * com - now come on, it is going to take a fair bit more work to reach number 1 as the competition is likely to be much greater.

Popular terms usually will need a lot more work (although as per every rule, there will be an exception - somewhere) which we are all looking desperately for!
I have a site that targets a highly competitive term (I'm at #6, beige hat techniques), but the site also has a lot of long tail keywords.

So, I tried angela's for 2 months, threw them at 2 or 3 long tail keywords, the sort that should EASILY go up at least 2 or 3 spots with even a few crappy links. Remember, site is white (beige) hat, fairly high authority, several 100 very good quality domains linking (no 1000's of blog comments, forum spam, cheap directories, etc, many of them true organic). Saw no movement of note. My conclusion: waste of time. FYI, this was about 3 months ago.
Yes, just try it yourself. So many opinions out there - the only way is to try it yourself...
Search after "energizer" you will find the thread about link energizing.
The meaning is to create links to your profile links. A have tested a few K of profile links but its worthless when you only ping them once and then thinking that G will love to index the links. Force G to find the links over and over again. Make em count!

Good luck.
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