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    I have learning a lot about seo the past months. Right now i am trying to find keywords to use as anchor words on backlinks.

    Tell me if this makes sense.. or is it pointless.
    I do an adwords search for my [search term], i filter it by low competition and global monthly searches above 10,000.
    I then take the terms at the top and do a "search" on them in google to see how many pages have that term.
    The fewer pages it comes up on.... the better it is to use if i am trying to outrank people.
    My logic flawed on this? Or should i set the filter to high competition.

    I know higher competition words bring more revenue with adsense.... but i am trying to focus on getting search engine ranking. Not yet trying to maximize my adsense earnings.
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    The "competition" rating that Google's keyword tool gives you has nothing at all to do with how hard it will be to rank in the search engines. Since the tool was not created with SEO in mind, but with advertising in mind, the "competition" is referring to the competition of the advertisers trying to buy that keyword. So if you're looking for a keyword to make with Adsense in mind, a higher competition is actually a good thing because it generally means more advertisers paying you for clicks.

    IMO the number of competing pages that come up in a search is only marginally useful. The best way to get an accurate feel for the competition to rank for a specific keyword is to take a close look at the on and off page SEO of the people already ranking (first page) for that search term. Those are the ones you need to beat to rank.