An update on my last 7 months

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    Hi to all new and old ...
    Being a holiday period I took the whole long weekend off from my work as a hatter and have mooched about the house doing some of the things i should have done ages ago... then boredom set in and I find myself here at BHW..
    I've not noticed a lot of change in this site since my last visit in august last year, first surprise was the demise of two sections i used to frequently trawl and what a shame for newbies that they've gone hehe I dont know wether to clap or cry.
    Anyway an update on wots been going on :
    I got into the two sections of blackhat that I could relate to, I found a few online pals to jv with and the rest is history,
    Making money in blackhat online was hard for me to achieve at first but after simplifying the terms and deciding what paths to take, I found it all amusingly easy, so to say, wink .. big wink
    I built up my foundations, spread my eggs and crossed the road, At first I thought i'd better get a job whilst doing this as the payments didnt cover my outgoings but one morning I woke to find I had been paid out on what is now my main income, I quickly turned this round to being paid numerous times per month, month after month, I then spread more by mentoring 50/50, then i expanded in the same way down a different route ...
    all of which I had learnt from this site although some tuition cost me a pretty penny at the time.

    So.. the point of all this?
    Well I'm aiming this at the newbies ...

    Read, Learn, try out the waters till something sticks then multiply
    Don't be afraid to try things nobody else is doing.

    Whilst here last time I bought Oldenstyle'shats program on forums
    which is why I came back here initially, I never did get round to using it but ive a few ideas now on how it will be very useful.

    Hope your doing well now olden'

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    Nice motivation...i like ;-)