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    This is pretty obvious stuff, but I hope it will help some newbie's
    I thought of posting this today when I was doing this for a site I launched today. It's a good way of getting some backlinks to your site, as well as getting some first page google links

    Here it is:

    Think of 10 - 20 keywords related to your site. Obviously these must be relative to your site, if your site is about skateboarding, you shouldn't really be targeting "chenin-blanc" as a keyword. Do a few words (ie; skateboarding, kickflip etc...) and a few phrases (cheap skateboards, skateboard parks etc...). Write these down

    Now, one by one, google what you just wrote down. On the first page in the google results, their is bound to be a couple forums or blogs for some of the keywords where you can post comments.

    Post a comment in every single one you can. Make sure (if possible) to have a link in your signature, and maybe try chuck in a link in the actual comment or reply. Don't make it look spammy (don't just write or whatever) write a nice, keyword rich comment or reply. Make sure it is actually relevant to the blog post or thread or whatever or it will probably get deleted.

    The things you should target are forums, blogs and yahoo answers.

    Like I said, this is pretty obvious stuff, but hopefully it help somebody
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    also look for web 2.0 properties like blogger squidoo and so on.

    if there is a listing for that keyword on the first page. create a new blog on the network with the same keywords and with just a few backlinks you schould get the double listing.