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An Offline SMS Business Idea (Easy if you're not lazy.)

Discussion in 'Offline Marketing' started by jasgrey, May 30, 2014.

  1. jasgrey

    jasgrey Junior Member

    May 27, 2014
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    I've played with this idea for years but I've always just been too intimidated by people to put it into action.

    In 2011 I was the Marketing Director for a drug rehab and I founded a sole-proprietor marketing business on the side. The idea was to offer SMS marketing to businesses, but not selling them each their own lists. Build one master list and sell blasts to businesses. Unfortunately for me, I took so long thinking about this idea and not taking action, a service like this popped up in my town. (A force I could not reckon with, being such an introvert.)

    Oddly enough, the next idea I had was a mobile app that would show users a map of the area with notifications on it where deals were going on... and before I knew it, the same marketing firm that used my first idea came out with this app, as well.

    The SMS idea goes something like this:
    • Set up an account at ClearStream SMS. (I find this platform to be the best. .02¢ per text, pretty rock bottom pricing and a great overall platform.)
    • Create small flyers that say "Text KEYWORD to 99900 to get amazing local coupons directly to your cell phone!" Add your logo, etc. Standard stuff.
    • Put flyers out on car windshields in parking lots. This may not be the most effective form of growing your list, but people will inevitably subscribe.
    • If you're confident enough and can talk to people, go door to door, explain that you're signing people up to receive coupons directly to their cell phone. It's free and show them example coupons. Tell them coupons will be from places like ______(Insert popular local businesses here.) Take a survey of places that they would like to see coupons from. If they do not subscribe, "If you were to subscribe.... where would you want to see coupons from?" This list will benefit you in getting businesses on board.
    • Get your list to about 500 subscribers. (Don't forget you can use Facebook in your local area to get subscribers, too. Local Buy/Sell/Trade groups on FB are good too.)
    • Contact businesses and tell them about your service. You have XXX amount of subscribers who are eager to get their coupons. Offer them a FREE blast because you are in the testing stage and want to see how well it performs. (500 * .02¢ = $10) They can't really turn down a free chance for exposure! This is a $10 investment that will potentially profit you thousands after they see the effectiveness of your service.
    • If they like how well it works, ask them to help you grow the list for a discounted price in the future. Get them to have a flyer by the registers for people to see.
    • Add all of your friend's numbers to the list manually. If you have their number in your phone, they're already opt-ed in!
    • Offer your service for .07¢ per text. 1,000 subscribers = $50 profit per blast. 1,500 subscribers = $75. 2,000 subscribers = $100.

    Businesses buy this up in my town. There are TWO lists in my town because the people love it so much. One list is 4,300 and the other is 3,700 subscribers. Each list sends out 32 coupons a month. This business is banking, and you can too as long as you're willing to do some footwork.

    Selling to businesses can be intimidating, I know this from experience. But when you've got 500 local consumers backing you, begging the business to buy your service and send them coupons, it becomes a lot easier. Selling to people is intimidating, as well. But in this scenario, you're not asking for any money. It's as easy as KNOCK KNOCK, who's there? Hey, my name is John Smith with G-Spot Marketing and I'm out here today letting people know about a new service that we are rolling out that allows you to get free daily coupons directly to your cell phone. All you have to do to subscribe is text SAVE to 66542 and you'll be ready to save! *Give them flyer, follow up asking what businesses they would like coupons from.* The tally of votes for each business will give you good targets for selling. If 400 out of 500 people say they want coupons from Big John's Burger Bar, then that's a good place to go and pitch!

    You get the picture. I'm too intimidated by people to do this. And it's already been done in my town. J
  2. Tom87

    Tom87 Newbie

    Apr 28, 2014
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    I must say that more other companies offer this kind of service below 0.02 cent :)
    But your post is amazing! :)