An off-topic question, but kinda outsourcing related

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by florflor, May 27, 2012.

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    OK this does not relate to black hat or making money (though maybe you could make money, I dunno), it relates to pr0n.

    All of us have our own unique fetishes. I won't reveal mind but let's say it was "short chicks with long faces", for example.

    Now you cannot easily find such porn pics easily. Even sites with categories won't cut it as these kinds of chicks can be seen all over.

    So I'm actually thinking of outsourcing this work! :D Like maybe create a job on a micro working site and ask for a minimum resolution of pics and give me the links to the galleries, let someone else do all the hard work instead of me wasting valuable time, especially with only one hand spare! :D

    Any idea where I can do this? Would microworkers or other sites let me do this? It would sure free up a lot of time for me, trying to think like Tim Ferris of Four Hour Work Week outsourcing his personal stuff.