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Dec 12, 2008
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Dear Forum Members!

First of all, please forgive me my grammar, English is not my native language.

Now, the idea.

Maybe it won't be as fast as Tube Increaser WAS, and maybe needs a little more effort, but, I think it worths a try. Own idea, I apologize if somebody else said similar on this forum, or written an ebook on this topic... etc, I don't know about it.

1. Make a very short squeeze page, only containing a header, and some lines, and most importantly, your embedded youtube video in the center.
You should put a (maybe fake - doesn't matter really) opt-in under your embedded video.


For creating this small site you can use something like "weebly .com", I created mine within a minute or so. (Just suggestion.)

2. After you are ready, sign up to at least 10 different major traffic exchange sites.

3. Set this freshly made squeeze page as your own page at every each of them

4. Log in to all of the traffic exchangers in Firefox

5. Start surfing one after the other and earn credits - I mean you should surf on other people's sites for 20 secs or so. Well, after you start the first surfing at the first traffic exchanger site, simply tab to the next window in Firefox and start the surfing in this second window, then the third, fourth... etc.

If you make it right, when you've finished to start one 20 sec surfing on the 10th exchanger site, you can start over with the first. So under a 30-40 minutes you can earn 100 credits per each, that means 10x100=1000 credits, and that means 1000 unique views for you.

I know it's not a big deal, but maybe a lot more than nothing.

What's your idea?
I don't think your video can get credit for views when its embedded on a site, I might be wrong though.
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Yeah, I heard views don't count on embedded videos, so this wouldn't work. :(
40 minutes work for just 1000 views ? I would die before I reach my goal.

not a good idea, software is the way to go.
iframe youtube, and center it so that only the video player shows. =]
What about iframing it, can you set it to autoplay before that, and that iframe it with GCPA
Ok, so it needs a little tweaking.

I don't know too much about the "New Rules Of YT", but as I've taken a look on "insight" a few days ago, it showed actual 'embedded views'. Maybe it's over. If yes, gotta no idea for now.
yes they do still count embeds. it's autoplaying embeds that they quit counting a long time ago.

only embeds that i don't see being counted are those on the adobe flash custom players that you use with trafficgeyser.

has anyone actually experienced that an embedded videos views dont count b/c all mine have.

(long time listener, first time caller -- nice to meet you guys. i wanna get this yt crap figure out. ruining my game)
Hi there,

I have a couple of questions.

1. How do you set the video for auto response?
2. What's a traffic exchanger?
3. How do you find one?

Thank you
I feel like this thread can be useful nowadays. Tell me if I'm wrong and if that's the case, please include the reason why.
Anybody finds this useful? Have some tweaked method with this basic idea?
I think all of us could profit if you shared your experience about this (asking anyone reading this).

I have too many tasks and projects to give it a shot, but if you use something like this and still works, we could all prosper.

So please, anyone...
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