An idea on ways to make sites that are lucrative.

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    I am researching what is the way(s) to make some income based of an initial investment.
    So far here is the idea. Please let me know if you think it would work, ways to improve it, or what you think someone can make off a plan like this.

    Step 1 - Hire a freelancer from BHW to generate 10 Micro Niche Sites - (Cost $250 ish + 10$ per domain name 350$ total - I have hosting already in place)
    - 5 x 500 word articles on niche topics per site
    - No adsense (*got beaned) But YPN prehaps? (*need to sign up. any recommendations?)

    Step 2 - Get fiver gigs to build Penguin optimized link wheels for each site (10$ per site - 100$ total)

    Step 3 - Add WPRobot to each site to keep fresh content coming in based off rss feeds and articles.

    Step 4 - Add phpBAY (*Or the amazon alternate? ) to each site and add Niche content items to the menu.

    Total Start up cost - *estimated - 450$

    If each site earns an average of 2$ a day - this is 60$ a month * 10 sites this is 600$ a month. (*am I way off on this estimate on return?)
    Would you add an other steps in this or improve any steps?

    Thank you guys for your help. I love to read the ideas generated on this site, its quite remarkable!