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    Here's an idea for twitter.

    Lot's of big brands are on twitter. Many of these brands are online retailers. Many of these have an affiliate program on one of the main networks...

    So, 1st choose a retailer, and check how many followers they have. Obviously the more the better! If they have a good following, check if they're on any affiliate networks, if not don't bother, choose another. When you've found a good one, sign up to their program. You may need a relatively related site/blog to be approved for this.

    A much quicker route for affiliate approval, would be to use If you get approved by them, you will be an affiliate of 5000+ merchants across UK and US. They take a cut of your overall earnings, but you'd essentially consolidate all affiliate networks into one. Another great feature is the fact links are rewritten on the fly (after user has clicked). So you could have a link to and it would automatically turn this into the relevant affiliate link post click.

    Anyway, once you've done all this, create an account on twitter with a name like [Retailer]discounts. Then use a site like flashtweet to mass follow all followers of that brand/retailer. In the first few days, tease them a little saying you have an exclusive discount code to be used on

    Create a relavant post/landing page on your site, google the merchant and find a few discount codes and add them to the post/page. Then just add a big text link and image to the retailer (using aff link of course). Now just post on twitter something like "Get 20% off your order! Find discount code at" and watch the orders roll in. Perhaps also create a link such as ***********/[retailer]discounts so it encourages more clicks.

    You'd be surprised how many people do not make use of these discount sites, so use that to your advantage. After a few days unfollow those who are not following you, and follow more. If you run out, search for related brands instead. You could do this for as many retailers you have time for. I'm sure lots of this could be streamlined, but hopefully someone will find it useful!
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