An idea for anyone who wants to start controversy online

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    An idea I just don't have time to do, but should work better than half these methods on autoblogs and "creating unique content". This is straight marketing.

    1) Pick a subject: Like religion, politics etc.
    2) Find a list of top blogs in the subject, 15 or so should do it.
    3) Make a blog.
    4) Grab the top comment from any top blog article, and make it your headline & content (possibly Facebook comments don't get indexed?)
    5) Quote the original article in your content

    Where traffic comes from:
    Search engines
    Just outsource some linking gigs and you'll get some kind of traffic

    Where to go from here:
    Build a list and market to that list.
    Direct the blog visitors to a community to a forum or unique blog that you outsource content work on.
    Adsense, but dup content may risk it.
    Build a brand of your own product and distribute it. You're already off the ground with a community.

    Note: People steal other peoples content daily and get away with it so wasting time discussing the "duplicate content penalty" is an excuse for not doing the method.

    Why it will work: You have content that is already controversial to a group of people who are entrenched in the particular subject. You also have the opportunity of return visitors because of it.