An army of spam drones


Nov 26, 2009
Hi folks, this is one of my rare posts and it's to ask a question out of curiosity, but also the answers and discussion should spark some brainstorming and ideas for those of you who have a hard time with that sort of thing - a lesson in thinking outside the box, if you will. Here goes...

I have $2,500 in cash sitting on the desk next to my computer as I type this and tomorrow (Saturday) I was going to take it up to my local Apple store and purchase a loaded 15" MacBook Pro. But after spending a few hours browsing around BHW today, another plan hit me:

What if, instead of getting the MacBook Pro, I went out and bought 5 or 6 cheap little netbooks and set them up as spam drones. I can picture this in my head now - 6 little computers all running various programs 24hrs a day, getting massive backlinks, scraping content, building databases of **************** blogs and auto approval blogs, etc. I could manage them all wirelessly using remote desktop software.

Yes, I want that Mac, but somehow the thought of a bunch of little drones running 24hrs a day building a massive empire is more appealing to me.

Do any of you have a couple of workhorse machines or more running on autopilot for you?

I have a feeling the bigger players have setups similar to the one I described above.

Come on now, ladies and gents, fess up - some of you have fully automated setups that would make us mere mortals wet our pants if we cast our eyes upon them.

Anyone got advice or pics to share on this?

You've to Highly Consider about your ISP Before Setting all this up. Where are You From?

Do you think you won't get in trouble with your ISP for Spamming?

If No,

Do you own or have experience with tools like xRumer, Scrapebox, SeNuke, Sick Submitter, Magic Submitter, Mass Prestige Poster, Etc?

If Yes,

Do you've any knowledge about SEO or any experiences in outranking for certain keyword with few hundred thousand competitors?

If Yes,

I dono whats the cost of Netbook there. I would recommend you to get yourself a copy of

4 Licenses of Scrapebox(PM Sweetfunny for bulk order and discount)
Magic Submitter

Which will cost you Less than $1k. Then Get Your Netbooks and Start Blasting em out 24/7 to Outrank Google for the keyword "What is Google" lol... :D

I'm Doing the Same with 7 VPS All Have 1 Gbps Network Connection with 16 GB of RAM each... Few of our Members had bought my SEO Services and Amazed at the Results... Background of All The Magic is this Robust Setup!
I recommend picking up 3-4 mid-range comps. loading them each up with a specific task + the program associate w/ that task and pulling the trigger to let your plan take effect.
Thanks for the responses guys. You've all helped me by giving me more to think about and plan more carefully.

I do have SEO experience and actually offered services for clients a few years back. Had some great results at the time. I've also ran a couple blog networks and had some good results there as well.

Tomorrow I'm going to buy a cheap windows laptop, probably a 15" acer or something and acquire the software bezopravin mentioned in his reply and do some heavy duty testing before diving into the multi machine setup. I'll also do more research into running things on VPS servers.

If anyone else has anything to add to this thread, I (and I'm sure anyone reading) am all eyes and ears.

Once I have things set up and have some results to share I plan on coming back here to do a highly detailed post on my experiences.

Your replies are very much appreciated guys, thanks.


Edit: Reason why I'm buying at least one windows machine is because the computer I'm using right now is running a Linux OS (Ubuntu 10.04) / hackintosh OS X dual boot. Swore off windows about a year ago but have no probs using a win box for automated stuff, as long as I don't have to look at it all day ;-)
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Pick up a dedicated server on windows, login with windows remote and do it from there. Not only will you not have to worry about ISP drama, you can use the backbone of a fast connection as well. And you can even get a decent comp 600 range and run another set there.
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