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Nov 3, 2008
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Just out of curiosity, has anyone here launched a successful store that relied solely on dropshippers? Do they tend to vary in reliability? I'm interested into getting into something a little more "white hat" like this and just trying to feel it out, there's already a lot of good info here (though a lot of it has to do with getting cheap knockoff items from other countries) but I'd love to hear some of your experiences.
Since I have a drop ship business I will give you my two cents... Bottom line is that your question is far too broad. What kind of product do you want to carry? You need to answer this question before yours can be answered. Once you define a target product, and obviously a target customer, you can then determine what vendors exist. After that, you can put those vendors through a series of "tests" to determine which vendor will fit your needs. You will want to know the following: How long have they been in business, how many distributors do they have, what is their ship schedule, how are orders transmitted to them... Keep in mind that this is likely a few month process. If you don't follow the order that I have given you here, you are likely to fail. You must have a target customer, a target market, and a fully qualified dropshipper to be successful.

I don't know that I've answered your question the way you would have liked, however, I've been down this road and know the process involved. It's not quite as simple as finding a reliable vendor.

Good luck to you!!
Bottom line is that it depends on your connection, ive heard some serious bad stories and some really good ones, ive had some good and bad, wrong size, wrong color, even wrong item, remember that your store is your name, if shit is screwed up they dont look at them, they look at you, now if you are sending from china, etc then people will assume that everything is bootleg and will chargeback unless you say shit is from there, or may be real or whatever, most of the processors will charge you up the ass since its a high risk business as far as dropshipping for the reasons above, paypal, google and them will either limit you or kill your account once found out, just my 2 cents
U want one?

Amazon would be the perfect example of a dropshipping success, half the prods on Amazon are dropshipped!

U could do really well with an all dropship store, but you would need exposure first, which u could only get using auction sites first.

Hope it helps!
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