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    Ive been up and down with this - as you will know.

    In my last thread about observations - I mentioned the high rate of article sites which retained a status of "pending".

    In that thread - a member says "blast this rss that" - which I accept as a good thing to do - the point is though - theres fack all to blast.

    What Im saying is this.

    a) The directories that come with AMR are facking DOGSHIT
    b) They will get at least "reviewed" (my articles) over the next x weeks - or x months and some more will stick.

    Which is it guys? Is the article site list a pile of DOGSHIT?
    Is 3 days not long enough - and more will get listed.

    What do you guys think?
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    Give it time for the articles to be accepted. Patience, patience, patience is all I can recommend.

    And yes, blast your RSS feed with AMR, blast your 2.0 properties, backlink your backlinks with AMR.

    Just keep link building... don't wait around to see what sticks. Shit will stick, some wont, but if you make a consistent effort to continue linking you'll see great results.
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    Mar 3, 2011
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    I'd be interested to hear how this pans out cos I tried the trial last week and am waiting to see if I get any results from my subs.

    I noticed that 80% of submissions were in the pending status and most I didn't get confirmation for so out of a 500 blast I'd see like 14 which got approved.

    Even if they are dogshit then it wouldn't matter if they were auto approve (well if they are low pr- which most are afaik then that is another matter but just talking about getting the links live here).

    They prob are dogshit....

    I'm wondering how much success people get from it because I imagine it is easy to make an automation program which just sends out to junk sites and people are all impressed by it just cos you see all those successes and the automation aspect when really it did fuck all for you rankings.

    So I'm interested in hearing about actual results from it.
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    Internet Marketing
    The directories work fine for me. If I google a couple of the usernames (in quotes) that I posted articles with this is what I get:

    username 1: 4 articles posted about 4 weeks ago 18,900 results
    username 2: 5 articles about 3 weeks ago 16,000 results
    username 3: 2 articles about 2 weeks ago 6,920 results.
    all usernames showed 0 results before the blasts

    My articles are being indexed, although I have not seen significant changes in serps (my keywords are competitive).

    Hope this helps,
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    Jun 17, 2010
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    There doesn't exist thousands of high quality, high pr article sites. 99.9% of directories are full of recycled spun automated shit. Even the top directories have crap in them. It's not like there are a million pr 9 article directories and AMR is just choosing to not use them.

    Keep in mind the vast majority of all directories, on AMR or otherwise, don't have some loyal employee sitting at a computer waiting to approve articles. A lot of these are just started by some random dude or small group and end up being neglected or completely forgotten. So if someone ever gets around to putting articles through, it could be weeks or more.

    AMR will get you about 400+ immediate postings. You can expect that in 48hrs to have anywhere from 40-70 articles live and indexed by google. That number will creep up over time.

    AMR all by itself can dominate low competition keywords. If you tackle something tough then AMR + other typical practices are needed.
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    With the default list, I usually get 20-60 indexed articles. I don't do anything to index, its all natural.
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    Feb 28, 2011
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    What kind of articles are you using? Are you using poorly spun content, not spun content or high quality spun content? I think that makes a huge difference when getting your articles accepted. And of course, it takes time to get accepted so 3 days isn't enough to have all of them.
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    I did a blast earlier and targeted only PR2+ directories; out of 156 directories, I got 45 live links straight away of which 8 were indexed about 30 minutes after I did the blast.

    If you're getting low submits, submit your article with your html link in the article first, and then submit it with html only in the resource box. Many of the directories, especially PR2+, won't take HTML in the main article.
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    This may be helpful to some of you.

    Depending on the topic and categories you choose you will get different results.

    For one article I blasted I got these results

    6036 Total directories
    2680 Ok
    1310 Submitted
    479 Approved

    This is what I got after 1 week on this one submission.
    The next week 17 more were approved. The approvals will continue but they will be slow. We are all dependent on the directory owners. Don't worry keep building links let these links continue to build and when new article directories are added submit the same article to them or add more article directories yourself. Keep building.

    I started a new domain 4 weeks ago and I am on page 3, my main links are from AMR.

    keyword 74,000 exact local monthly searches
    1,320,000 results
    intitle 3,660,000 results
    inurl 6,430,000 results

    I am now adding other links but continuing to build with AMR, there is no secret all you need is time, links and patience.