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    I'd just like to start off by saying that AMR looks like an amazing tool out of the box, unfortunately - I don't seem to have an amazing success rate. I have almost 6,000 sites in my database, but only 3** someodd even allow for account creation.

    Am I doing something wrong? <is there something i am missing?>

    Of those 3** someodd submissions, only about 90 worked.

    How do I increase this success rate? <is there something i need to tweak?>

    Of those 90, I only got 18 auto-approved.

    Is this normal? What Can I do to get more auto-approve article directories?
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    I own AMR, and originally had some pretty good success with it. Then I started to notice that even with the same settings, I was starting to receive less of a success rate as well. I went from roughly 1300+ successful posts with 5-600 auto-approved to about 100. I have actually moved away from this being a 'go-to tool' and have focused on other link building tools.

    Has anyone who has used AMR for a while noticed a drop off as well?
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    Dec 27, 2010
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    Beware of your internet bandwidth and PC's power ...
  4. flyingbear

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    Mar 7, 2011
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    not sure whether it is related, but I noticed that many WP base sites changed. maybe that's why?
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    Jun 17, 2010
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    I typically get 1200-1500 successful submissions. Maybe 300-500 of those are auto-approve, not sure on exact number.

    I make sure the title is appropriate. I make sure the summary is short and to the point. The word count is typically 350-550 words. I use 3-5 keywords. I use the most appropriate categories possible. I tend to just use one link, but sometimes two.

    Keep in mind that some sites will auto-disapprove if you have links in the body or more than one link in the resource box. Going from two links in the resource box to just one can net you 50+ additional submissions.

    Several weeks ago I was getting more like 1800ish submissions, but that has dropped a bit over time. There's just too many directories for me to really keep track of individually and I don't stick with the same account for too long, so I honestly can't say where they went or what happened. While the numbers have dropped by ~300, each blast is still quite effective.
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    thanks for the info..but when you say "effective" how do you quantify that? is there a movement of your site or seo benefit directly...or any other clear indicator...thx

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    Apr 19, 2011
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    I went to check some of my articles out today, and the sites were down, SQL error or gone completely. Maybe we are pounding them too much heh....
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    Agree with this message.

    AMR uses a LOT of NET BANDWIDTH and PC MEMORY. Try to lower down the number of threads you use.
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    Ya, I have been noticing a lot of "fails" when I try to sing up using AMR, but then when I go to the actual site and sign up manually, it works fine. I could just as well do it by hand, but duh that's why I bought the program! Maybe Ill try lowering my threads as well. Right now I have it at the highest. The reason I had it so high was because the tool tip said if you have fast internet you can set it at 40. So I did. But, I guess I didnt think that would have anything to do with the sign up process.

    One thing I did notice is that sometimes some sites may be "down" and other times they are up. For example, 5 days ago I tried to sign up using the sites that failed or that I just added - fail fail fail on almost every single one. Now, a few days later I am trying again and all those fails, well, some of them are turning into "successes".

    The thing we have to remember is that this IS a computer essentially. Its going to ef up sometimes. Nothing is perfect :) It rocks! But, it aint perfect. So you gotta just work with it and be patient.
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    Sep 14, 2011
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    anyone interested in sharing their list used for AMR auto approve submissions?

    In exchange I can provide access to my own personal wp blogs thats hosted on a variety of IPs and is exclusively used for linkbuidling so there will not be any hassles with content quality.

    any help is appreciated
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    IT/Web Systems & Development...
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    Ive had success with constantly updating my list. AMR is a great piece of software, but the UI can be a little clunky. I just run mine on a VPS consistently checking the list and weeding out the bad sites.
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    There are many reasons why success rates fail over a period of time, and this can be contributed to some of the following:

    1. Article directories being spammed with poor content, garbage etc etc, moderators close the directory, stop accepting new submissions, or cancel the domain

    2. Accounts are closed due to the above

    3. Sites change site structure, or update their platform to a newer version which may include directory structure or field name changes which AMR does not necessarily recognise.

    However, out of the box you should get more than 300 sites confirmed with accounts.Read the tips on the above thread, and also check out the official AMR forum at their site, there is a sticky there with tips too.

    Also with regards to AA sites - there are many sites which are AA and AMR does not pick them up. Prime example is They are AA, yet AMR has not picked up an approved article for that site for me for months, this is due to a change in their site, so AMR can no longer find the data it needs when searching for your article. However, if you manually look, you will see it.

    Another way of seeing this, is using a unique name or phrase within your article, run the blast, run the LL report to see how many AA you have (lets say 200-300), then running your unique phrase or name in google, and seeing how many come up. You will find new sites there which never appear on your reports.

    Finding new sites and running updates all the time to your list is the only way to ensure you have a quality list and get good successes, this takes time, however it is also rewarding. I used to get about 2k successful submissions when submitting, now I get about 1200-1500 successful submissions per article on a single run.