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    Hey guys, I just started to use AMR and I have a problem with directory sign up, im using paid email accounts, not gmail etc... added all the required information (address, name etc). When I click sign up however, most turn out to be signup completed - failed. I tried from 40 (5 actually worked) to 1000 and got tired of inputing captchas... Any AMR gurus out there that can give me a guick pointer in the right direction? My article is 513 length and Im currently shortening it down to under 500, is this a major issue?

    Your help is greatly appreciated, thank you so much
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    import a list of a ton of directories.. I too was discouraged at first with AMR...but I read the instructions and poked around a bit.

    I signed up for an account with Death my capcha, (something like 13 bucks for 10,000 successful solves) = bargain.

    Make sure you put in the email and pop info all perfectly. Sign up for an account and you will get a shitload of confirmation emails coming into your inbox. Then hit select all:confirm, and AMR will automatically confirm your author accounts . Note: some of them are delayed by hours, even many days, so you will want to select only the email checkbox after a week to re-confirm the slow ones.

    I ended up with a list of over 2000 "OK" accounts. Getting great results. $70 well spent.
    Good luck