AMR question about submitting to a certain number of article directories

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    I bought AMR a month ago and I also read the instruction. I am submitting to article directories manually because in this way I have a better succes, plus I only submit for like 30-40 a day. Problem is, when I register to lets say 200 I stop the registration and confirm email, when I need to register for the next 200 it starts from the beginning, including the first 200 where I already registered and confirmed. For a certain project, isn't this software know on what sites I already register so it can unselect those by itself, must I do it manually? I have many article directories and sometimes i get bored after i register to 2367, to continue registration to the others must i unselect 2367 directories? I find this time consuming and also an issue the creator should have though of, that is why I am thinking that i did not find that option, or something.

    Please and advice
    thanks in advanced
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    Just register on all sites at once ;)

    Otherwise use the filter: disable directories with status ok and email and hit the refresh button