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    Am I crazy or is there the genuine possibility for a revolution brewing in this country? So many I ask this abruptly answer, "no way, not in America"...Really? Have we all forgotten how this country and the constitution was founded?

    Over 200 cities now have ongoing long before one gets out of hand?

    Whether we like it or not, protests or not, the economy is headed for a massive 20 trillion dollar deficit train wreck. Name one revolution that did not occur on the heels of that very thing...Always economic pressures fuel the revolutionary fires.

    I will be honest, I wanted to see one. I became so disenfranchised and disallusioned with "the system" that I wanted to see it go down the tubes.

    Then, one of my buddies who is participating in the "occupy wall street" and "we are the 99%" near where I live in Seattle turned me onto this ebook that is circulating the movement. Just came out.

    "American Epitaph" by Damien.

    Now, after reading that, I am afraid that the revolution is here. To really be able to see it, and feel it, in my front yard, in my life, freaked me out.

    Anyone seen that Mel Gibson movie, "The Patriot"...the most chilling part is when Mel's character is at the meeting where our founding fathers decided to declare war on the mighty British empire. He said, "This war will not be fought on some distant battle field, but amongst our homes. Our children will learn of it with their own eyes"...

    I have a 4 year old...That book freaked me out and made it real. Much love my fellow Americans..but we all need to step back and really ask ourselves,

    "Do we really want a revolution?"
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    It doesn't have to be violent, and so far has been pretty respectful and tame.

    Also, try switching to some international news; it ain't just 'merica, son.
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    I believe it started with the Arab Spring... gotta stay away from American Mainstream Media homie.

    I am Canadian, I only speak English and Al Jazeera is my source for news. Go Figure?