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Amazon Wireless Associates

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by gypsyr0ad, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. gypsyr0ad

    gypsyr0ad Regular Member

    Aug 11, 2011
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    I signed up for AmazonWireless Associates, however there is very little about commissions other then "up to $50 per lead"

    I googled the hella this as well as posting on Amazons Associates board, but still am not getting any answers.

    I am hoping someone here can shed some light on this.

    I assume a lead that involves a cell phone purchase without a service plan will be different then one with the plan, and I also assume that a lead that involves a new service plan, will be different then a lead where they just upgrade or change to a family plan when they purchase a cell phone from Amazon.

    I do not wish to go into this blind, hopefully someone here is knowledgeable about the details.

    Yes I understand the higher the sale, the higher the commission, but the "up to $50 per lead" has me wondering just what has to be involved to get $50.

    thanks in advanced.