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Amazon ressellor willing to increase incentives to affiliates

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by pARADIMIO, Feb 18, 2012.


    pARADIMIO Newbie

    Jan 28, 2012
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    I was just given exclusive rights by an OEM manufacturer of dentals implants and tools to put all his catalog on Amazon(Europe) and manage the sales. I have enough margins to offer 7% commission for life time, this is above the standard 7% for 1 day that affiliates normally get. I had in mind to concentrate only on email campaigns to dentists and using Internet SEO to find affiliates, so my idea was to make 1 website with WP and ***** affiliate module and a few niche websites that would point back to it.

    How can I manage this ? would it be enough to just create a link between peoples affiliate ID from Amazon with this new affiliate ID in WP ***** that I would provide ? So if a dentist orders on amazon I would then manually assign this affiliate with this dentist based on the amazon affiliateID who sent me this client?

    Anyone interested to tackle the problem with me ? I could give 3% extra for super affiliates. The account on Amazon should be opened in 10 days. I pay a lot less than standard industry prices for equal quality. So I just need to get this thing running ASAP.

    Also, I thought I found the best SEO service for what I need, someone on this website offers to build 5 separate website with articles and seo and all for 357 USD, but I lost the references and can't find it today, please point me back to the source if you can...

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