Amazon Product or Clickbank Scraper?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO Tools' started by theadultsplayground, Oct 23, 2011.

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    I'm currently using a custom add on I created that allows me to take a affiliate (e.g., Newegg product catalog from Commission Junction) and then import it into Interspire Shopping Cart.

    I know there are many scripts out there that allow for creating amazon and clickbank stores but I want to use my own ISC mod (for SEO reasons).

    Anyone know of a scraper that where I can parse all product information based on a keyword (e.g., "Swiss Army Knife") then dump it to csv format.

    It would have to contain the following:

    Product name, description, price, Image URL, BuyURL (I'll need to find a way to insert my affiliate information to get credit for a possible sale).

    Check my sig for an example of how I do this now with CJ Feeds.

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    wouldn't that leave a nasty footprint? I'd assume you'd eventually get a human reviewer from amazon, and he'd find out in 2 seconds that your not using their API to grab the price, product descriptions and reviewer ratings leading to a ban.