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Discussion in 'Making Money' started by DeadEyesOpened, May 14, 2011.

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    WTF is going on over at Kindle store, some of my best sellers are public domain titles, and they are going to fuck me over??? I guess I could hire an illustrator, but Jesus nowI have to re-do all my public domain titles??? Fucking GRRRRRRR. &^$%#$%&^*&*( = ragequit

    does anyone have any suggestions?

    This is the email I got.


    We're implementing a new standard policy that improves the customer experience problem caused by multiple, undifferentiated copies of public domain titles in our Kindle catalog.

    Our vision is to have high-quality editions of every public domain title in the world available on Kindle, including a free edition of each, and to avoid the confusion that is caused by having a large number of undifferentiated versions of each.

    To protect the customer experience, we?ve stopped accepting and selling duplicate, undifferentiated versions of public domain titles. We will continue to offer differentiated versions, such as unique translations or illustrated versions. As a result, we are removing the following book(s) for sale on our web site:

    Title removed


    Title removed

    If you believe that we have wrongly identified this title as an undifferentiated version of a public domain title, please reply to [email protected] with appropriate details regarding how your version is differentiated. Please allow up to 7 days for a response.
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    Draw some smiley faces, put them in the book, and it is no longer a duplicate.