Amazon is giving away too much value. Almost $50 for an account that's not even a prime member. How are they really making money?


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Sep 26, 2023
If I don't know better, I would say that Amazon is a high level money laundry program.

When they initially launched, Jezz Bezos made it his personal mission that Amazon's prices would be lowest; it was a total throat cutting competition.

He basically snoops on other marketplaces and undercuts them.

That algorithm is still active even in 2024. But I noticed it's only for popular products.

I saw a Reddit post where a seller saw his product that was $250 discounted to $50. He bought it as a test and got paid $250 still.

It's crazy really.

Let's not talk about music, movies, and lots of other values you can get just for a $15 prime subscription.

What's really happening? Are they really breaking even?
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