Amazon has banned my account, what is the problem ?


Nov 25, 2016
i created an website of review for product amazon, but after get more sale, amazon banned my account and send me this message :

what is the problem and what is the solution ??


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Sounds like only your account got banned, they sounded quite friendliy. So fix whatever you used incorrectly from Amazon and apply again. They probably also don't like you acting as an official Amazon partner or something like that, in case you did that.
So, i can't put for example : "click here to see price on amazon" , or " read review of this product on" ?
OMG it's really hard to get banned from amazon.
Make sure you have terms and conditions page on your blog... it's mostly because you use auto post on wordpress , make sure you have toc, then you can use there jpg's. not before.
Hello Webwhizz,
My Amazon account was closed and I wss told I couldn't get another account. They claim that purchases made from my link were being used in manufacturing, which is a violation of the Associate Requirements. How they could determine what someone does with something is beyond me, plus how I could be held responsible for what someone may or may not do with something is still a mystery to me! Meanwhile, I'm trying to figure out how to get another account.
Try reapplying. Create a basic website that doesn't break the TOS rules by using Amazon trademarks.

Good luck.
It's pretty straightforward. You are using trademarked materials on your site. Move them, you should be fine. :)
Hello, not sure I understand your reply. My site did not show a specific item just a general amazon affiliate link!


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