Amazon commision % question


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Aug 4, 2013
Hey everyone,

I have a question about the following percentage system:

I was wondering if it works like this:
So if sell let's say 6 items worth only $1 for a 4% commision, and after that I sell 1 item for 200$, does that mean I get 6% commision on the 200$ item?

Are the number of products shipped individual per product or is it combined with all products you sell?
It resets each month and it is a tier system so your first 6 items will be at 4% then your next 24 items will be at 6% and so on ... hopefully that makes sense.
Keep in mind that's for 'General Products' as they put, some products earn a higher percentage on their own. So it's a bit of a mix and match, but a basic rule of thumb is the more you sell quantity wise, the more % you receive if those items were in the '4%' category normally.
Some products have higher commission but yeah, it's usually like that. It's tier system which resets monthly.
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