To Ban Paid Search Traffic Shock To PPC Marketers!


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Mar 3, 2008
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Amazon seem to be stiring up things and haev announced that they will be no longer paying referral fees to, and when sending PPC traffic.

This is likely to send many PPC marketers with their tail between their legs as the Google Cash method has been a huge part of some affiliate marketers arsenal.Myabe yours?

But it looks like as one door slams firmily in the PPC marketers face maybe a BH opportunity is lurking to be exploited as PPC clicks should be getting much cheaper as the competition dies away in the next month of so and I am sure some clever BH marketers will be only too happy to take advantage.

Big downside is Amazon's paltry commisons but maybe this could have been a great opportunity for autobloggers? But then hold on it seems as part of the same announcement Amazon are pulling their datafeeds as well.

Looks like there are going to be a lot of dead blogs any time soon.

I smell opportunity!
Could you quickly explain the G-Cash method please? Do you know if this is also stopping on :)
yeah I'm also asking myself what the google cash mthod is o0
Google cash was basically sending traffic direct to products for example direct to specific TV or something like that it was how many of these spy programs were finding affiliate programs.

It seems at the moment it only applies to the above networks of Amazon but I expect it will slowly filter over to the others so maybe some time to make hay while the sun still is shining?

Many of the older Google PPC programs prmoted these tactics and Jeff Johnson built thousands of blogs using Data feeds so he is going to be pretty pissed!
sounds like Amazon doesn't want people stepping on their eToes with PPC. I'd wager that after this ban Amazon's PPC budget quadruples...
To be honest I do not see the problem with the Google Cash method. The merchant is getting a sale and the affiliate is earnings, the merchant doesn't have the overheads of PPC and other advertising fees and the affiliate does all the research and investment. Why should this be such a problem to any merchant? Surely this is an additional source of income for niche products that may not be gettting many sales?
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