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    Hey peeps!

    A looooong loooong time ago, I remember seeing a site that allowed you to hunt for deals on amazon that were a certain percentage off.

    I realize this can probably easily be accomplished by writing a script using the amazon api, but does anyone know a script floating out there that does this and works with the current amazon api. I'm not a hardcore php programmer.

    Just would be cool to see and to implement.

    I'm building my own mashup site which includes keyword specific ebay listings, amazon listings, yahoo answers, youtube vids and static CJ banners. That's all i know how to do but I learned how to use the yahoo api and it's easy to pull any of their feeds. But I'm thinkin I shouldn't use any feeds that don't lead to a sale. Having yahoo answers and news is great for unique content, but the yahoo news might take the user off my site... lol

    And is it easy to implement CJ listings using php 5 driven by keyword ?
    There's a free ajax mashup using CJ found on rucks blog which i briefly looked at, but I don't like ajax cuz it's not search engine freindly mostly.

    so basically.
    1) anyone know a script that allows you to search by discount percentage off (like 0-25%, 25-50% etc)
    2) when building a simple affiliate mashup page, should you have any mash-up units that take ur user of the page (like yahoo news)
    3) is it easy to implement CJ listings using php 5 by keyword