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Amazon Associate Tracking ID Problem - Can You Help?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by hockmasm, Aug 19, 2016.

  1. hockmasm

    hockmasm Regular Member

    Mar 17, 2012
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    I have multiple websites.

    For years, I only used my one main associate tracking ID for all the sites amazon links. Let's call this ID (xyz01)

    Recently, I created a new tracking ID in order to find out if a new website I built was producing any income. I found out that it is. All links on the site use the new ID. Let's call this ID (xyz02)

    So, I decided to create another tracking ID and use it on a site that has been producing a lot of income for me over the years. That way I can see exactly how much that site is producing aside from the other smaller sites I have. All links on the site use the new ID. Let's call this ID (xyz03)

    This has now raised a problem.

    Yesterday and today I have had a small number of clicks and zero sales from the (xyz03) site.

    This raised some concern.

    I can't track the clicks to amazon from the (xyz03) site using my Google Analytics. But, I did some digging in my second website analytics that uses PIWIK and discovered that my this ID site (xyz02) has 75 clicks on amazon links reported, however the associates dashboard only reports 35 clicks. I checked other days and the same type of discrepancy is showing up. Double to triple clicks in my analytics versus little in my associated report.

    Combing that discovery with the fact that my main money making site has dropped in sales after creating and placing the new associate ID on the site has got me wondering...

    Is there some problem with using different associate IDs? Am I missing out on sales now somehow? I am inclined to ditch the two other IDs and just revert all of my sites using the main ID only. This may stop what seems to be a huge leak in sales.