Amazon Affiliates - A dream of stable passive income

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    I have been reading around for a very long time. I have tried and twisted methods up and down, some of them worked out very well, but it's nothing close to a long-term stable income. I can squeeze few hundred bucks every now and then but it sucks because I have to focus - which means it's not PASSIVE income. I have finally decided to start my journey (a little late, we'll get to this part) because I'm having married in the next few months, I want to achieve some goals at the same time:
    - Have a stable passive income for my future family
    - Improve my writing skills by writing/answering/updating this journey, plus proofreading, improving articles from writers (we'll get to this part later).
    - Actually experimenting ways of SEO. Reading is useless until you actually do it. Ranting/B*tching about not working methods doesn't help, move on any try another one.
    My background:
    - I'm in my last semester of college. I have my time working on 3 days of the week that I'll pay full attention to, the other days are for classes.
    - Basic SEO knowledge - some twists that's actually working (but for short-term projects).
    - Some experiences in PHP (I used to be a PHP developer, got my hands on a bunch of Magento projects).
    - Some experiences in server administration (sounds polishing isn't it, but no, it's just installing stuffs on a linux server)

    My arsenal:
    - 2 dedicated servers for whatever tools that needed to run.
    - Currently have: GSA SER, GSA CB, Scrapebox, GScraper, WAC, FollowLiker Instagram, Healzer Pinbot, TumblingJazz, TheBestSpinner, SerpBook, OneHourIndexing and oh 50 private proxies.
    - An unmanaged but very decent (and cheap, ofc) linux VPS that's hosting 7 websites.
    - Some paid wordpress themes & plugins from themeforest and codecanyon.

    What I have done:
    - I got my VPS ready for hosting websites.
    - I started with 1 and cloned to 7 sites, so now I have 2 websites that are promoting ClickBank products (I call them CB sites), 3 with amazon products. And 2 other sites for experimenting. I won't be talking about these 2 or the CB sites in this journey because this is for Amazon affiliates.

    About the Amazon websites:
    - 1 with Woocommerce that I rely on pinterest to get traffic
    - 1 broad infamous niche: recipe...
    - 1 mini niche (the one I'll put a lot of efforts in it) - started today.

    Short-term plan:
    - I have to continue spending time on short-term projects, to squeeze out some bucks to feed the long-term projects, as I don't have the money to invest.
    - I will do SEO for the MNS that I started today.

    Long-term plan:
    - Scale my sites, of course. As I don't want to focus on a single site with broad niche. With my results of short-term projects before, I understand that at a time a method might work, but in a few months, Google might slap you in the face hard that you couldn't imagine, couldn't figure out what you did wrong. So no, I never never ever put all eggs in one basket. So as long as I think I've finished working on a site, I clone it and move on.
    - Of course by scaling them, I want to have a decent passive income.

    I hope I'll get some advices, encouragements along the way. I will try to update this journey 3 times a week (at the end of the working day).

    PS: I'm sorry for my English, I'm not a native speaker.
    PPS: I'm a weed smoker, I enjoy having a joint with coffee to start my working day (not my class day...I'll be high as f*ck).

    Day 1

    This is a sad day, because while I'm actually working on the MNS, I received an email from Amazon that my application was declined, well it makes sense, I generated about 300-500 hits but no sales. I start with this bad news but I will still work on my project.
    So, the plan I've built for this site:
    - I registered a new domain a month ago, no not EMD, it's a 3 words domain that can be brandable, just have one word related to the niche.
    - I hook the site up last week, played with a theme but it's too complicated so I moved back to my favorite theme (I regret that I put 4 hours to actually just play with the complicated theme settings to finally realize that it's too complicated...)
    - I put all my keywords to SerpBook to track it as soon as I have time to publish the articles.

    I hired a few writers for my MNS content:
    - Homepage (1000+ words) related to the niche
    - Various reviews posts
    - Various NEGATIVE reviews, well I come to this because if I see a website that has 10 positive reviews like 95/100 90/100 4.5/5 stars etc... it's like a fail sales pitch to me. Why on earth a reviewer never meets a crap product?
    - Various articles related to the niche (will be put to the /blog or /tips I haven't decided yet).

    I received 5 articles last night and published 4 of them on my site (all positive reviews). This is what I'm having after a few hours of those articles being published on my site (some of the keywords are not ranking yet, because well it's not ranking, and articles are not being fully published yet).
    Looks good because I'm already ranking for a few (no MS...according to SerpBook) long tails, but this is what on-site SEO gets to it. And it's too early to do off-site SEO.

    Kw1 (6600 local US) N/A
    Kw2 (5400 local US) N/A
    Kw3 (5400 local US) N/A

    Time Spent:
    4hrs for editing, improving, proofreading, "decorating" articles.

    -$9 for domain
    -$80 (for articles)
    I haven't even re-registered for AA program... When I got some traffic, I will.

    The Plan:

    - Publish more reviews
    - Publish more general articles - tips - tricks - experiences etc.. related to the niche
    - Buy some social signals
    - Make some social bookmarks myself with my toolset.

    Have a nice day guys, and thanks for reading this.
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    Best of luck with your jounery man.
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    Web Designer
    Land of Pineapples
    Good luck! Keep the motivation up :)
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    Good luck on your journey.
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    Very inspiring .. keep it up
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    Best of luck in your journey.

    Is the decline from Amazon final? will you be able to reapply?
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