Amazon Affiliate Website - Stick to a particular micro niche or branch out?

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by SreWebSo, Aug 8, 2016.

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    I am just building my first amazon website. At first I ordered some kw's from the marketplace and the terms where very niche targeted - I'm not a stranger to kw research so done a bit of digging around myself and found some other kw's that were low comp which were slightly relevant to the original keywords I brought.

    My question is should I be focusing on a very small niche or should I open up a little to introduce other types of products/target audiences?

    For example if my keyword was 'best camping shoes' should I focus my website just on camping shoes and other specific camping products? Or should I have a website that has sections such as Camping, Traveling, Hunting etc and then target keywords such as best traveling suitcase and best hunting knife.

    I read that having an authority website would be better... but I didn't want to go over board.
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    If "best camping shoes" can bring you enough sales (if there is a good market for all the types of camping shoes) then you should build your website around all the types of camping shoes and become an authority website for that particular subject but if the market is too small try to go a little bit broader but not too broad because there is too much competition in the camping or shoes niche

    The best would be to find all the long tails for your keywords for example:

    best camping shoes for winter
    best camping shoes for summer
    best waterproof camping shoes
    best comfortable camping shoes