Amazon affiliate strategy: homepage theory vs inner pages

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    For an Amazon affiliate site, many on BHW recommend a huge homepage of minimum 2k words to focus on core keyword product.

    However, i find this to be limiting. Assuming you are not building out a site just for 1 product, but rather a wider niche, the homepage is more of a placeholder.

    made up example -
    niche: car parts
    products: wipers, mirrors, hubcaps, etc

    for this example, are you really gona churn out 3k words for the homepage on car parts? (a keyword that you wont rank for?). no, you want to churn out 3k words on the wipers page, in which you will write 300 words each for 10 different types of wipers. and so on and so forth for all niche and sub niche pages.

    OR do you use the homepage as a de-facto sitemap, where you feature various products and interlink strategically to various longer tail products/niche category pages on your site (and throw in amzn links too if a buyer is ready).

    I've seen with many of my clients over the last year that Google is moving away from ranking your homepage, and prefers inner pages, as a user is more likely to find what they are looking for via an inner page (more specific) vs a homepage (more generic).

    In conclusion, Im saying that unless your amzn affiliate site is geared toward 1 type of specific product, the homepage wont help much to have 3k words on it. if anything, that will fuck with ux.

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    I completely agree with you: large niche site = small homepage + large inner pages

    small homepage = de-facto sitemap (love that way of putting it)

    large inner pages = what you rank in Google

    If you can rank your homepage for some buying keywords (and it makes sense to do so) then I don't think it is a large niche site. So I'd say it all dependes on the size of the niche/website
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