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Amazon Affiliate Store And Facebook campaign $$ test drive for success!

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by coolsheet, May 22, 2014.

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    Mar 28, 2014
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    So this isn't quite going to be a journey thread, although it may develop into one, pending on whether or not my test goes well. If so I will end this thread and start a journey.

    I have an Amazon affiliate ecommerce store that is barely ranking in Google, but is making sales, after it was only up for 1 month.

    Look at that CTR!!!! I also ran this campaign at a dollar a day for about 6 days. So $6 made $41.65.

    I looked at the dates on the conversions, studied analytics, and came up with a theory.

    Well exactly a week before the first conversion I had just stopped running a particular FB campaign on the site. Searching if the two were connected, I found that most of my conversions were coming from yahoo organic search. Well it's no secret Bing and FB are buddied up. Understanding this I decided to run the same campaign again.

    A week later, which was yesterday I recieved my first purchase out of 30 clicks (not as good a CTR as before but hey) and the purchase was an $1,800 watch from U-Boat. It hasn't been shipped yet so there is no proof of the conversion yet.

    Don't know. Im pretty new to the IM world so I am trying everything and scaling up every little dollar. So Ive decided to triple my investment. I know, a whopping $3 a day, but it's a start. If it starts to do well I will start a journey thread so people can follow along with my linking strategy and what I have been doing for Google organic.

    I started this thread because there has been a lot of talk about Fb scamming people, I know Ive been one of them. So this is proof that maybe FB isn't such a sham after all, well atleast when used in the right way. This may also prove that affiliate marketing can still be effective with FB campaigns. We shall find out!;)

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