Amazing Selling Product (Sports Niche - Footwear)


Jun 10, 2010
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Product is in the sports niche and is footwear. Gets me over 50+ watchers on ebay within 24 hours. Over $1k a day, $300+ profit a sale. Looking for people looking to buy/sell in bulk. More information provided via pm!

skype: anthony11690
Are you in US or ship to US? Send me a message with info
ru sure about this numbers OP? $300+ profit per sale (per piece?) on sports footwear? $30 would be more realistic after fees...
My numbers are right, $250+ per sale at least, $300 is reasonably achievable as well.
$ 250 PROFIT per sale for ... shoes? then for what prices are you selling them?
These are originals or replicas?
Could you PM me the listing on eBay where this has been sold?
Hit me up with more info!
I'm interested
That's a hell of a profit. I'm wondering about how much is the original price.

Please message me with more info. Thanks.
Whats the actual price? The profit per sale is big cash:09:. Am interested too
I find it hard to believe that anyone making a profit like that would risk sharing it on here. Just sayin" is all.......
interested shoot me a pm. i hope your selling gucci if your making profit like that lol
Please PM for more details. If that kind of profit margin, I will do the business.
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